Support for the Busy Parent Welcome!

Support for the Busy Parent Welcome!

Support for the Busy Parent Welcome!Support for the Busy Parent Welcome!Support for the Busy Parent Welcome!

Support for You

...You Can Do This with Joy!

Are you a single parent who has experienced trauma such as abuse, divorce, or a painful break up? Do you struggle to keep up emotionally with life and are concerned about whether you can lead your family forward? This is my story and I believe my life was saved to serve you.

The Good News! 

This book outlines eleven incredible keys to help you gain a different perspective about your experiences and the assignment on your life. You too can become a courageous parent transforming with strength and determination. Chapters include:

  • Who Am I Now After the Trauma?
  • Calming Your Child's Emotions
  • Premature Intimacy
  • The Other Parent
  • And much more

Whether it has been 30 days, 30 months or 30 years, just imagine the impact this information could have on your well being, relationships and parenting for generations . Grab a copy today. 

Be inspired. Be transformed



The Truths (Bible-based) and Affirmations of this book will Bless your life. Proverbs 18:16 ' declares, 'A man's gift makes room for him, and brings him before great men. Christy Copeland, you truly are a gifted, anointed writer...I felt your heart. May the Lord Bless your gift; May He Favor you with Mega Increase... and swing doors open that no man can shut. Joyce W.

“The tongue of a parent is a powerful force that resonates in the ear of a child for his entire lifetime.” No truer words have been spoken. Ms. Copeland reminds us all that we can speak volumes of encouraging words to our children to help them develop and grow into positive and confident adults. Her message comes from real experience! C. Ealey-Cross


About the Author

Author. Speaker. Overcomer.

Christy Copeland is a speaker and a warrior domestic violence overcomer. She is the founder and executive director of Leaders Wellness Suite LLC, a faith-based personal development company providing individual transformational coaching and wellness workshops to parents who choose trauma recovery. 

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Join our Triumph After Trauma Empowerment Group where we read 11 chapters of the book together for 11 weeks and more.

Christy Copeland


"Your painful past does not have to be a part of your child's fortunate future."


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